Tales of the Late Cretaceous

A dinosaur comic by Jim Lawson

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Page 40


  1. Just two things to note, Daspletosaurus had two finger like T. rex, and sauropods are long necked plan eaters.



  2. You are absolutely correct- Daspletosaurus was a a tyrannodaurid, or part of the T-rex family and therefore had 2 fingers. Also, I referred to them as sauropods and they are actually theropods.
    Thanks Brett and David.

  3. Yeah, I noticed the "sauropods" typo too. But I love the story. I just discovered it tonight and read through from the first page. This is brilliant!

    Thank you for blogging it and making it available to me online. I know I'll want to get a print version when you're done and I'm past my current financial pinch. I hope you're planning to create one.