Tales of the Late Cretaceous

A dinosaur comic by Jim Lawson

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Page 58


  1. Still loving this story! I read a lot of web comics and Paleo Loner is the one I get the most excited about when I see a new entry.

  2. This is the best dinosaur comic (web or otherwise) ever! I can't believe it's not getting published as a printed book. I see the pages seem to be loading differently now and can't be magnified amymore, but oh well, I'll take them however I can get them.

  3. Thanks for the comments-
    It's kind of sad for me to think that the story is going to be winding up soon.
    As for Blogger loading the pages differently- I didn't notice it myself until you pointed it out. Yeah, something does seem not as it was before and I'm not sure what it is. I'm scanning and sizing the pages as I've always done so I have to assume that it's something to do with Blogger's interface (or whatever).

  4. You can still see the images full size. Right click the thumbnail and tell it to open link in a new window. Then you should have the option to magnify.

  5. Thanks DragonGirl, you're right... that does work!

    To "right click" with a Mac:


  6. Now it's back to normal... no need to "right click" anymore.