Tales of the Late Cretaceous

A dinosaur comic by Jim Lawson

All content copyright 2011 Jim Lawson

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Page 72


  1. Jim thank you so much for posting these. But wow this is a rocky experience for a reader. Clicking the next post... clicking to enlarge image... then the back button to get back... then going to the next post... Not that it's a as hard as digging ditches, but it breaks that beautiful seamless flow of simply turning the page.

    Our solution was to go through the entire thing and save every image to our hard drive, so we can put it in a .zip file and read it with our CDisplay comic reader. We'll be avidly reading it in one go this week. But if you ever get this bad boy in print, we are there! Slap a color cover on it and we'll buy 3 copies. We are the hugest fans of the original Paleo series and really happy to see you doing dinosaur comics again.

  2. Jim, We just had a chance to read the entire story in one go. WOW. Savage, brutal, eloquent, poetic, riveting. Perfect pacing, with every page and panel composed to convey exactly the right mood. Horrifying in a way that maybe only The Stand or Blood Meridian compares to. You may have just written and drawn the greatest pure dinosaur comic of all time - unless you've got another in the works!

  3. Jeez- thank you for your comments, really.
    Now that the comic's over and all posted, I keep thinking of ways that I could have done it to make it better- or a little more clear, I guess if I had to do it again...
    Loner was a great experience- both in the creation of the story and the art, and posting it in this form. Not perfect perhaps, but there's a kind of neat interactivity that comes with people's comments and thoughts as you go along when you're posting...
    Thanks everyone.