Tales of the Late Cretaceous

A dinosaur comic by Jim Lawson

All content copyright 2011 Jim Lawson

Friday, June 24, 2011

Page 12


  1. Nice work Jim, I was surprised at the amount of pages you have been able to crank out in a short period of time. Good stuff :)

  2. Seeing this stuff makes me wish Commandosaurs had taken off. Nice work!

  3. All the art for Loner was finished a year ago- and some of it even older than that so it's not really a matter of finishing pages in order for me to post them. I'll just go into Mirage a few times a week (which I do anyways) and upload a couple of pages from the batch that I have scanned.

    Thanks for the comments-

  4. Ah I see, thanks for posting it and its nice to have you back online.

    I was just thinking that its kind of mind blowing that we live in a time and have the technology to interact with people whom have contributed to print books like TMNT among other things.

    With all the "famous people" posting on twitter and what not I think it can be taken for granted; with that said I enjoy Peters blogs, your old blog and its cool that you are posting this stuff so people can see it :)