Tales of the Late Cretaceous

A dinosaur comic by Jim Lawson

All content copyright 2011 Jim Lawson

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Page 8


  1. Jim, this is like a dream come true! Huge Paleo fans, we can scarcely believe we are finding out about this series a full week after you posted the final page! A strange sychronicity: We were listing our top ten favorite single issues of all time - a list that includes your 'dragonfly' issue of Paleo. We stopped to see if you had a blog to link to from our list - and we find Loner! Rock! Were you just trying to make us the happiest pure dino comic fans on the planet or what?!Anyway, we are going to come back tomorrow and feverishly click through all 72 magnificent pages. YES!!

  2. I'm enjoying this so far... also those Albertosaurus better run for it. I've been to the Royal Tyrrell Museum, I know they are smaller than a T-Rex. Run, run! XD